Helen Keller

 “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something ; and because I cannot do everything , I will not refuse to do something that I can do.”

    This quote is very true. Once, I was coming up to the lunch counter in school. I was looking at the steaming plates of food, the aromas tingling under my nose. Right out of the blue, the lunch lady points at a plate says what it is, sounding out every syllable as if I were stupid.

       The quote I said earlier was by someone who was disabled. You may of heard of her. Helen Keller. Ironically, we learned about her in class that day. As everyone knows, she was blind, and a damn independent person at. I thought, what would Helen Keller do?

        “We have—“

        “Look! I can read, I’m not stupid! I’m thinking of what I want. May I have the hamburger please?”

Her mouth hung open like a trap door. She gave me the hamburger. Later that day, I was sent to the principles office. He told me I offended the lunch lady. I calmly informed him I was offended that she treated me badly. Thus, I gladly served my detention time.   Why? I was doing what Helen Keller would do. Stand up for yourself.  As my Dad says, even if people hate you for it, you need to do the right thing.   

       This wasn’t the first time the lunch lady did this. I actually liked it. I wanted the lunch lady to feel sorry for me. I liked getting this attention. I figured that out, and told myself I needed to stop this. It wasn’t something Helen Keller would do. I thank God I was pointed in the right direction. Letting the woman enable me just gave me an excuse to stay depressed.

       Ask my friend Joey. He was paralyzed as an IED blew up under his tank. If he felt sorry for himself, he might of killed himself. But, he chose to be happy. Heck, he makes me laugh a lot. And he doesn’t let people feel sorry for him, he will dispel your sympathy with an awesome smile.  He made me feel like a normal guy.

  I’m indebted to him for showing me I’m just like everyone else, I just walk differently. And I encourage you to not feel sorry for us in the wheelchairs, because we are just like you.


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