An Open Letter to Tom Luna

Dear Mr. Luna,

My name is Jake Scholl, and I’m a senior from the online school called Idaho Virtual Academy. In recent weeks, I’ve been watching the local news and reading about your plan. And mostly I’ve heard people protest. I usually don’t pay any attention to protesting, but this time it’s different. My way of schooling has been mocked, and I need to speak up. These kids protesting outside their schools obviously don’t know how online school works. They are speaking out of uncontrolled rage instead of passion.

Like, when they say online school teachers aren’t as caring as public school teachers is a lie. I’ve been at IDVA since 8th grade, and the teachers are some the best I’ve had. They hold weekly online sessions, where you can ask questions, and go over current lessons. You can also call them on the phone, and text. You can even email, and the teachers respond quickly. Totally opposite from what these protesters say. I love my teachers.

The teachers also actually treat me normally. Most of them are surprised when they find out I’m in a wheelchair. Back in public school , teachers passed me just to make themselves feel good, out of pity. Being in online school is a liberating experience for me. I am finally like everyone else. Heck, I’m doing so well, I’m even an honor student, and have made many friends through the in-person student events.

I wish you well in your education fight. I think online education is the future. Who would’ve thought 30 years ago people would be educated by a computer? It’s revolutionary, and it’ll make people upset.

But its the right thing to do.



Jake Scholl

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