Out from the ashes

It has been an interesting two months. Mostly because of civil unrest in Egypt, Libya. And Wisconsin of all places. Even in Idaho, its kinda funny seeing your local events unfold on CNN. Even though I may not agree with the education reform protests, I’m glad people are speaking out voicing their thoughts, no matter how flawed I think the logic is of these protestors. It’s called democracy in progress.

I think the founding fathers would be proud. Alot of the founders were newspapermen , and the objective of the papers were to inform people of how things happened, and voicing real peoples thoughts. The media now more trys to entertain rather than inform. Conservative and Liberal news outlets are the guilty parties. I applaud the Colbert Report and The Daily Show for the fact that through being silly, they are exposing how these news oulets are biased.

Now back to the Middle East. Libya sounds eerily familiar to the American Revolution. Libya has further proved the fact that when the people are oppressed by a ruthless dictator, they will rise up out of the ashes of depair , and fight for freedom.

That my friends is the power of many can come along way.


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