Final farewell to IDVA Journalism staff

Dear IDVA Journalism Staff,

It’s hard to say goodbye. Especially when leaving the office of the editor, and going back into life, being normal again. The best way I can surmise my thoughts is through my favorite book, The Lord of the Rings. In the final part, Frodo goes back to the Shire from after throwing The Ring into the Bowels of Mount Doom. When he gets back to life something is missing: a sense of purpose.

It’ll be weird, living after being tutored by Mr. Wood for three years, and editing for two years. Like Frodo, I will leave the Shire, or in my case the Journalism Staff, and work to find my purpose again. I will venture to the Grey Havens and seek what is beyond the Shire. I will be able to quit talking about my dreams and actually will find the time to make them come true .

Working with all of you guys was the best thing I’ve done all my life so far. The first year of Journalism I thought was going to be the last one ever. Mainly because their were only like eight of us. It wasn’t until we fervently worked behind the scenes to create our school’s first yearbook ever, that I realized people would be inspired to join the staff. We did something that only a select few would ever have the privilege to do. I remember spending hours upon hours , editing my writing until perfection, honing my blade like a lowly Squire dreaming of becoming a Knight. Thar’s what I was: a lowly Squire dreaming of one day becoming a warrior.

I was floored when Mr. Wood wanted me to be an editor. Like all Squires, I thought I wasn’t ready. But he had faith in me. He taught me to have faith in my abilities. Like a wizard selling magical beans, in faith of finding someone who would believe his rants.

I will always be thankful I bought the beans.

Mr. Wood, thanks again for getting me prepared to become a novelist. I know, you will be the teacher who’s lessons I’ll always remember. And I’ll also remember the support from my fellow staff members. I will forever be indebted to all of you.

See you all at the Grey Havens. You shall all have my sword: my pen.


Jake Scholl


To all you future editors in Journalism. I have some quick advice. Mr. Wood is always right. He may sound like a crazy old man selling magical beans to Squires, but he has sound advice. He is there to help you sharpen your craft.


Always remember to have fun!


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