Nanowrimo 2011 — The Epic Conclusion

50,000 words! 😀

This has been an absolutely crazy month. Writing 50,000 words in a month ain’t as easy as it looks on paper. It takes dedication, getting yourself to sit in front of a computer , and putting your hands on the slick plastic keys, writing as long as it takes to stay on top of your word count quota of 1,666 words a day (which trust me, could take you a few hours, and can make you a very very big asshole after a while. ). Your head will hurt, your eyes will burn like fire, and the bones in your fingers and hands will get sore.

At first for the first week I started, everything was great, I was happy and a very happy writer, that I found time to follow one of my passions. When a writer is happy, everyone around him is happy, bottom line. Cue the Zippity Doo Da song, and cue the technicolor animated birds.

Then, imagine all that happiness get washed away by cold rain, flooding the land. Houses , trees . flowers, everything, gets ripped out by the furious waves of water. The era called Week 2-4 had come, and it was pissed. Very pissed. I lost hope, I thought I was a lousy writer, a hack., that with all my writing skills learned from Journalism class in high school and all the creative writing classes were for naught. Oh, and I got a ride in an ambulance, and was headed to the ER, because I couldn’t get my air, my heart pounding like a sledge hammer. And of all days , that happened on my 20th birthday, what a freakin’ awesome gift, I know.

. Then week 5 was here. I was very far behind. Almost too far behind. I was afraid that I was going to lose Nanowrimo, yet again. But being a tough old bastard I dug my teeth in and wrote like a madman. On the 25th, I was at 40,000 words. The words came from my fingers like a wizard casting spell after spell, and never stopping. Five days later, 10,000 more words were written.

I thought I going to rip the straps off myself, and jump out of my chair, and dance. It was such a freeing feeling, getting 50,000 words written. That is exactly why I write. Its a magical feeling, and I rediscovered what writing means to me, the importance of what it is to be an artist .

Now, I will edit, and revise all the tripe I wrote, and hopefully find a fossil. 😀


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