Stomach tube no more! :D

Here is my stomach button! 🙂

I don’t have a tail anymore…I actually never really had a tail. Since, August, I have had a stomach tube, for my meds and feedings for nutritional reasons at night (I hate a lot of veggies.). That tube was maybe, 7 to 9 inches long, and would always move. And always go into my g****, and of course I can’t pull it out of that…area, my Mom would have to lift it back out, then BOOM!, it’s slid back down.It drove me crazy. But, now it’s gone! I had a quick hospital procedure yesterday, where they ripped the tail right out, and replaced with a sleeker, more modern,  stomach button. Thankfully, they put me asleep before they yanked my tail. A mild procedure, compared to all the other recent surgeries.  And yes I will take a picture soon.

Goodbye “tail” and good riddance. Go find a new person to annoy.


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