2011 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas! 😀

Dear Friends, Family, and loyal readers:

Wow, this year has gone by fast. It seems the years that pass by the fastest, are the ones with the most events. Not just happy events. I wish they were all happy events, but that just isn’t realistic in this life. But, they are all events that had an impact, events that will be with me forever. 2011, overall was a good year. So now, lets take a look at the three most impacting events that happened this year.

1. Septic Shock

I almost died this year. I had a very bad gallbladder infection, and had a heart attack. I coded once. Had gallbladder removed. I now have a trach tube in my throat, and a stomach button. There are even days in the hospital I have absolutely no recollection of. Overall, it was some pretty scary stuff. I thought I was going to die, as did everyone else who heard about all the craziness. Deep down, I knew I had to stay alive. For my friends. For my family. It wasn’t my time, and I wasn’t going.

And whataya know, I’m still alive, kicking ass and taking names.

2. Writing a Book

When one experiences a time when they almost died, it makes the person think about everything. In the hospital what are you going to do all day? Watching the Food Channel all day only does so much. It may help distract you for awhile, but eventually it quits working. Your mind then starts thinking about the negative, how you’ll never be able to achieve your dreams, how you’ll die in a bed, not able to fight back death.

I’m telling you right now, you can fight back. So I looked to the future. I looked forward to getting out of the hospital. I thought about the things I’d always wanted to do, a bucket list of sorts. The top thing on that list: write books. Fantasy books.

Thinking of book ideas helped combat that negativity tremendously. Before the hospital, I was working on a book outline for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month), so in my mind I worked out my plot some more, coming up with new ideas, fixing plot holes, all that stuff.

So, in November, I wrote the first draft of a fantasy novel. So now, I’m working on editing the book, and getting the second draft cranked out. Then, I will get people to read it, so they can give brutally honest constructive criticism. Then, I will edit again, and send it to an editor, to proofread. And hopefully, sometime in 2012, I will get the book prepped for sale as an ebook, a Kindle Version to put up on Amazon, and a Nook Version to put on B&N.

That is the dream, and I will make it come true. My book may not be the next Lord of the Rings trilogy, or the next Harry Potter saga, but it doesn’t matter to me. Writing is not about the money, it’s about the art of writing.

If one just writes for money, their passion that once burned inside is gone.

Senior Picture 8-27-2010

3. Graduation!

This year, I graduated High School! 😀

It was a very exciting time getting ready for the graduation ceremony. All my hard work at Idaho Virtual Academy had paid off. And hard work it was. See, a computer doesn’t know I’m disabled, a huge difference from the Public School system. At Public schools, the teachers would just pass me. I would get 101% on something, where the highest score other students could get was 100%. At the time, of course, I loved it when I would get treated like that. And , I had to go to the “resource” room, to get “special” help. I mean, why the hell does a kid who has a highly functioning mind need “help” with all his work? (It wasn’t really help, it was more like teaching me how to cheat.)

It was all a grandiose lie at public school. I only had three teachers that treated me with equality. Ever.

At IDVA, I earned all my grades. I would get D’s, and I even got F’s like everyone else. I earned my grades. I had to work like everyone else. Finally, I was at a school that treated me with the same equal treatment every other kid received.

I even had the honor to be a part of high school groups. I was part of the dance planning committee, helping with music, and helping with ideas. I was able to be a mentor to new students, do to being a part of the IDVA Student Ambassadors. I was a part of the Yearbook Staff, and for Sr. year, I was the editor for the School Newspaper “IDVA Virtual Reality”. I even ran a Sci-fi & Fantasy online club in 9th and 10th grade.

At Public School, I would not have been a part of the school paper. I would not have helped mentor new students. I sure as heck wouldn’t have helped plan the dances. In the Public system, its all a popularity contest. In IDVA, no one knows what anyone looks like, unless you meet at some event, or chat on social networks.

The guy in a wheelchair actually has a chance in online school. Even kids with mental disabilities have a chance in online school.

It was an honor to be a part of the second graduating class of Idaho Virtual Academy!

And that concludes my letter! Thank you for being a part of my life, and supporting me along the way. After all, you are the reason why I’m still alive.

May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🙂


Jake Scholl


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