Draft 2 of novel….Done! :D

My goal of getting my book “Shattering of the Sword” finished in 2012 is halfway done! After 38 long days of editing, I am done with draft 2! 🙂

I still have awhile to go before it’s publishable though.

The step now in my plan, is to let people critique my book. Why let people critique it you ask?

A stigma with ebook and publishing in general, is that if you go ahead and publish, without letting readers give honest feedback, the book is almost always crap if you skip the important step of critique.

After all, as a writer you are not just writing for yourself, though writing for yourself is a big part of writing, you are also writing for your audience.

Your audience, is the group of people who read whatever genre you read. Say your writing a horror novel. What audience does horror belong to? The horror genre. So when you want people to critique your book, you want the person critiquing the novel to be a person who reads horror, or writes horror, or knows what to expect from the horror genre.

So, the person who knows your genre is the best to critique your book. It can help you avoid many a cliche, and make an original piece of work.

A critique isn’t just about avoiding cliches. You can edit a book all you want, and think there are no more spelling and grammar errors, but almost always there are still errors. A fresh pair of eyes can find errors that you never thought existed. They can also tell you why they liked, or disliked certain scenes, characters, and if they like or disliked the plot.

Every writer should listen to criticism, and be able to make the necessary changes. I admit, like every writer, I don’t like criticism about my writing.

But, I have to take the criticism if I want the best book I can possibly write.

And that, my friend, is the most important reason to have test readers.

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