Video Games and School Shootings

Blaming a game for School Shootings is like blaming Cookie Monster for Obesity.

Today, another horrible school shooting has occurred. This time a shooting occurred  in Chardon, Ohio. When I turned on the news this morning, the story was all over the place. It was sad, and I said a quick prayer in my mind for the victims of this shooting.

As the news kept talking about it, I knew where the station was going to go with the story. They would say how the shooter played some first person shooter game, and planned out the whole shooting. Then they—Ahhhhhhhhh…Fox Ne…Chooo!- would interview some psychiatrist who thinks games are evil, and yet had never even touched a game in their lives.

And my prediction happened.

I watch the station a lot, and this issue seems to be very one-sided on the station. For a station that prides itself on being fair & balanced , they have failed miserably on this issue. As with every news channel there is some sort of bias. There is no innocent news channel. All have a one-sided view on certain issues.

Before my rant on cable news takes over this post, let’s go back to the shooting and the shooter.

I remember in the 90’s, as with plenty of other people; the Columbine Massacre. At the time, the popular shooting game was DOOM  for PC. The Columbine shooters played DOOM a lot, as with tons of teens and adults back in the day. So, a popular theory went around that DOOM  caused them to kill.

For the record, DOOM  is a game about Good Vs. Evil. You play as a Marine fighting his way through Demons, Aliens, and other creatures. What is wrong with that? I could name plenty of movies, books, and other entertainment that has the same plot. Were the developers of the game homicidal maniacs who wanted others to become homicidal maniacs?

No. The developers were nerds. I’m a nerd, and I play shooters. Am I going to kill anyone? No.

I have used a gun in real life, but I didn’t kill my peers. I shot a turkey. The experience of shooting a gun in real life is nothing compared to a video game. I found it was harder to shoot a real gun than it was to shoot an imaginary gun in a game.

Let me tell you the kind of people the shooters at Columbine and Chardon were. They were loners. No one had anything to do with them, for some petty reasons. I am not justifying their actions, but in the end it wasn’t a video game that killed those innocent teens.

It was the fault of the teens who fired the guns.

These teens should have gotten help. If the teens didn’t want to seek help, the parents should have dragged them to counseling. The massacre most likely wouldn’t have happened if they had help. But, even with help, the shooters would have had to decide whether or not to follow through with their anger.

If you feel alone, talk to somebody about it. Don’t stay stuck in depression. Trust me, I’ve been there. And I got help. If I can get help for my depression, you can too.

We are all praying for those of you who live Chardon.

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