The Quest for a Title

The handy “snap” feature in Windows 7. A very good feature for creative types.

I went on the other day to see if the title of my book Shattering of the Sword had already been used. And whattaya know. The title had already been used. It was called The Shattering Sword. Not the exact same title, but nevertheless very similar.

Thankfully my book hasn’t been published yet. If I had published it without checking  on that title, I could’ve been sued.

To come up with a title, I resorted to brainstorming. I made a spreadsheet, and divided the sheet into three columns. Column one for Nouns, column two for Verbs, and column three for Adjectives.

In Fantasy or Sci-fi, a title usually consists of one or more of these kind of words. Like The Lord of the Rings, A Game of Thrones, Dune,   The Golden Compass, e.t.c.

I’ve narrowed down my title choices to four, and I’m having a problem. I can’t decide which one to use.

That’s where you come in.

The reader is the one who reads what authors write. One job a writer has is to attract the reader. So, I have included a poll. If you want, feel free to let me know what title you like. The title you choose will help me decide what title will end up on the final version. 🙂


  1. I think the title should relate closely to the plot, which is about the sword, so the first seems the best choice. I think a few more title ideas would also be good. =)

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