Editors. Editors. Editors. AAAAH!

I think my mind the last few days has been melted and reforged over and over in a monotonous cycle. I finished draft 5 of my novel The Blade in Hiding and now I’m at the point of looking for an editor. (If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted much lately, this is the reason.) I thought this would be the easy part.

Now that I’m actually looking  it’s become a monster.

I know a few of you have offered to edit my novel, but I honestly can’t accept. Mainly because I’m looking for someone who has made a living at editing and critiquing books. Unless your full time job is editor (and you can tell me how it is) , I will consider you. I don’t want to upload a junkie eBook.

Right now, I’m perusing through the editor thread on Kindle Boards, and I will eventually find that editor. If you are an editor, or are a writer who has an editor, feel free to post a link to your/their website. Thanks for your time. 🙂


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