I’m back! :D

Me on the day I came back home. Man, I needed a shave.

Remember last summer when I was in the Hospital? Well, it happened again this year…

Thankfully, this time I was only in for 10 days. My blood sugar was at 23, I had an infection, and I also had MRSA. The Docters pumped me up with antibiotics, and I slowly got better.

I admit it, I was scared. Scared I would die. Scared I would be on the vent all the time. But most of all I was afraid I wouldn’t see the people I care about again. Like last time, I fought back.

I fought back because I knew it wasn’t time for me to give up yet. I’m only 20; I’ve got plenty of goals I need to accomplish.

This recent stay has made me realize I wasn’t living life to the fullest. I was just going through my same old routine. When I die at a ripe old age, I want to die knowing I had a life worth living.

My plan now is to get out into the world. Join a college group. Write. Get my first book published (And start the next one!). Try new things. Fall in love. Fall down. Get back up again. Eat. Relax. Make new friends. Blog. And be random.

Life is short; I need to get off my butt and live. Expect to see more posts from this blog. I’m back!

(I also wanted to say thanks to those who prayed for me. You are part of the reason I’m still around. Also, thanks to those who visited me, and those who wished me well via Facebook. You gave me hope, and the motivation to get to work and focus on recovery. Love you guys!)



  1. Jake, I am so grateful that you made it through! I was praying for you nonstop when I heard you were back in the hospital. I definitely think you have a fighting spirit stronger than most anybody. You are awesome! Can’t wait to see you soon! =)

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