How Comics Changed my Life

When I was in Kindergarten  I hated reading the picture books we read for reading practice. The pictures weren’t interesting at all, and as a consequence, I wasn’t interested in learning what the letters forming the words in sentences were. When a stubborn 6 year old boy doesn’t have interest in learning something, they will resist. That’s how I felt about reading in those days.

That all changed when I saw my first comic book.

It was an issue of Prince Valiant. Not the original version from the 30s, but it was a 4 part miniseries Marvel Comics put out in the 90s. I didn’t know what the words were, but I loved the images of Val  fighting off Saxon invaders, and trying to stop the evil Queen Morgause. I would look through that comic over and over again, the artwork blowing my mind every time.

When I learned how to read, that was one of the first things I picked up to test my newfound skill. The words along with the art was far more powerful than just trying to figure out what was going one with only the art. I was then addicted to reading, and was ready for more exciting stories!

Now, being much older and wiser, I wish my grade school teachers taught me how to read using materials that appealed to the students, than boring “Jack and Jill ran fast.” drek. What kid likes that?

So, I recommend taking your child to Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, and let them look through the comics for kids.(And you can also pick up some action comics for yourself! 🙂 )  Heck, you might spark their interest in reading, rather than sitting in front of the tv playing the Wii all day.

To find a participating comic store nearby, visit the official Free Comic Book Day website. Happy hunting! 🙂


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