Demon Stone: A Dagr Brightsword Tale…Available now!

(c) Copyright 2013 Scott Buffaloe.

(c) Copyright 2013 Scott Buffaloe.

The remastered, extended, and revised version of Demon Stone is now available, now called Demon Stone: A Dagr Brightsword Tale!


When Dagr’s kingdom and his wife are held ransom by an evil sorcerer, Dagr goes on a quest to give the sorcerer what he wants. But, at what cost is Dagr willing to go to save his kingdom? 

Thus begins the first tale of Dagr Brightsword.


King Dagr always prided himself on his strength. He was always able to use brute force and cunning to win his battles; but all of that was worthless right now, as cold sea water entered his lungs, and his muscles went weak.

He furtively tried to punch at the ice above him, to try and delay his inevitable demise.

But the ice didn’t respond or sympathize with his wishes. His lungs burned as his mind kept trying to succumb to the darkness of death.

On the clear ice, he could see two black boots above him. Dagr then started punching, kicking and tried screaming to get the man to help.

The man went on his knees, and stared at the King. Much to Dagr’s horror, it was a skull. The skull laughed at him, its red eyes glowed like a feral animal. It was death, come to claim his mortal soul…

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Jake Scholl is a Fantasy Writer and blogger residing in Boise, ID. Jake is a big fan of books, comics, heavy metal, movies, and video games. You can buy his novel "Blade of the Broken" wherever ebooks are sold. He is also a member of The Dragon Writers' Collective:

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  1. John Payne says:

    Good on you!!

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