The secret to writing is……..

……..Gotcha! There is no secret to finishing a story, and if someone promises to tell you a bunch of secrets to writing, they are selling lies.

Years ago, when I started my journey of becoming a writer, I thought there was a secret way to become a good writer, and to finish what I started. I read book after book, trying to figure out the secret formula. Well, every book on the subject of writing has different advice, and much of the same tips. Like outlining, timing yourself, etc.

So I sent emails to authors, and hope to learn the secret of becoming a skilled author. Most didn’t reply. Why? They were busy writing! And not all big writers take the time to reply to everyday people.

But I did get a reply from one writer: bestselling writer ,Dennis L. McKiernan, the author of The Iron Tower Trilogy. I asked him what it took to become a writer. He told me that there are no “silver bullets” to writing, except for keeping at writing. Doesn’t matter how you get it done, just get it done and don’t give up.

Out of all the books I have read to this day, I haven’t found any other books for writers with better advice than what Dennis said to me all those years ago. And that advice will never change. Ever. 

I urge you to never give up. And that doesn’t apply only to writing. It applies to everything in life.



  1. You’re so right, never give up! This is a stimulating post, Jake, thanks for sharing! But I do think there’s a bit of a secret to good writing and that’s what I am currently exploring…I believe that we as writers need to pay more attention to what our readers want to read…I shall soon blog about this!

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