May eBook Sales: Reflection

It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since I uploaded my short story Demon Stone online as an eBook. When May ended, I checked on my KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account to check the report for that month’s sale.

I made $1.75. Since my short is $.99 and I get $.35 a book, I sold 5 copies. I didn’t sell any copies on Smashwords.

I was happy I sold at least one copy, since I’m an obscure writer. It would have been a nice bonus to have made more money, but money isn’t the reason I write. It’s because I love to write, and craft stories.

There are too many writers that make eBooks and put them up on Amazon, thinking they’ll make a crap load of money, even if the quality is horrendous. And then they wonder why they get mostly bad reviews.

Well, like with traditionally published books, you can’t become a money-making maniac overnight. Last time I checked, Stephen King didn’t make much at first. Neither did James Patterson, J.K Rowling, and that writer I don’t like mentioning, E.L James.

All I’m going to do is write the best stories I can, and be happy with whatever happens, no matter if I sell 1 copy or thousands.

I write because I’m passionate about it.


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