Blade of the Broken update!

Sorry about not posting sooner guys. I’ve been really busy, thankfully because I got my edits for Blade of the Broken back! 😀

My editor, Lyn Worthen, of Camden Park Press was who I hired. I’m not publishing through them, but I chose Lyn because of her amazing work on the sample I sent her. (As for the publishing part, I’m going to self-publish it. About the release  date, that’s up in the air. The book will be ready when it’s ready. And I’ll definitely let you know.) I’m currently 140 pages into editing, and she has some great suggestions to make the book amazing. And I’m going to change up the ending, and add two more chapters.

You may be wondering if I’m going to self-publish the book, why do I need an editor? Well, it’s because I’m not just competing with fellow indie authors. I’m also competing against the big writers, and I want my novel to be the best it can be. And, there are too many rookie self-publishers who think they’ll be fine self-editing, however when their book is released, they wonder why they have bad reviews.

I may not make as much money as Stephen King, Terry Brooks, R.A Salvatore, and others, but it always pays when you get the best help you can afford in any kind of publishing. On another note, there are scamming publishers out there like Authorhouse, and PublishAmerica that charge Indie authors crazy amounts of money, so be careful out there people! (I’d check out A.C Crispin & Victoria Strauss’s Writer’s Beware, J.A Konrath’s A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing, and David Gaughran’s blog to find out who and how people are scamming authors. And it wouldn’t’ hurt to check out Preditors & Editors.)


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