Blade Of the Broken — Blurb reveal!

Whew! Sorry guys, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on this blog. I’ve been rather busy.

My Editor finished my novel Blade Of the Broken, and I’ve gone through the book and I made the appropriate changes. I then went through it many more times, and made A LOT more changes, striving for nothing but the best.

That’s the nature of writing; you are never done rewriting. And, I’ve purchased a copyright for my novel, I’ve also been making files for making eBook and the interior file for  a paperback version. Also I still need a cover artist before I publish.

What am I missing? … Oh I know! I need a blurb! 😀 ‘Cause how can people get excited without knowing what your novel is about?! (Also, in other news, my short story, Demon Stone: A Dagr Brightsword Tale is free on Presidents Day and Tuesday the 18th. Only on Amazon.)

Without further ado, here is the official blurb for BLADE OF THE BROKEN: BOOK I OF THE RUNEBLADE TRILOGY:

For fans of Terry Brooks, and David Gemmell, comes:




Jake Scholl

Thirteen years ago, the lands of Kronea were embroiled in war and chaos.

The Sorcerer King of Nordgrind, Warrick Volung, killed thousands of innocent men and and most of the elves in a plan to gain power over all the races of man, and every living thing, with his sorcery, and the powerful Runeblade forged by the God of Light Tuireann himself… It was once a power of good, passed from Nordian King, to Nordian King, to protect the people. But it’s been warped by Warrick’s evil soul, and his worship of his God: the Arch-Demon Morak.

The people of the lands of Myvara, Koth, the last of the Elves, and the Rangers Guild, led by the Mages & Paladins of Seran Drakis, put their differences aside, and banded together to stop him. They defeated his army at Raven’s Field, and took the Runeblade, and broke it in two… Then, Warrick fled back to his homeland, and has been hiding in his castle ever since, stewing in misery.

Thirteen years later, Kronea has been relatively peaceful. Even with peace, there are still monsters to be stopped: human and humanoid alike. To keep order, the Rangers Guild seek them out, and deal with them accordingly, to counter Chaos with Law.

Stefan Rickardson is one of the best Rangers. He always gets the missions done, no matter the cost. And he always follows orders. When he’s sent on a mission to stop yet another person, he thinks it’s the same old mission he’s used to… But the further he goes, the more Stefan starts to question his orders. Especially when the person he’s after isn’t evil and has done nothing he’s accused of.

Meanwhile, a greater evil is stirring up again, and will push Stefan to his emotional and physical limits… And it threatens to break him, and everyone around him. Including the one he loves the most.

Wills will be tested… And blood will be spilled.


Copyright © 2014 Jake Scholl

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