Results from Kindle Select President’s Day promo.

Recently, I enrolled my short eBook Demon Stone into Amazon’s Kindle Select program. What does that mean? Well, it means people with Amazon Prime can borrow the book for free, and the author gets paid a certain amount for every borrow. Also, the author has 5 free days for special promos.

Free ranks on the first day of the promo.
Free ranks on the first day of the promo.

That all sounds like a good deal for readers and authors. But there’s a catch: your book can only be on Amazon. (And your stuck for 3 months as an Amazon exclusive.) So I thought why not? I’ll try it for three months, and get free exposure.

As my first promo, I made Demon Stone free on President’s Day, and the day after. Day 1, Demon Stone shot up the free charts, and was #32 on the Dark Fantasy charts, and #55 on the Sword & Sorcery charts. Not too bad for the first

Day 2 results of promo.
Day 2 results of promo.


Day 2, the book went down to #46 on the free Dark Fantasy charts, and #78 on the Sword & Sorcery charts. Both days were pretty solid, and I got some good exposure. But not as much as I thought. (For both days combined, I only had 65 downloads. Which is better than none.)

During the two days of the promo, I didn’t know what my author rank was. That info would’ve been rather important, and I was rather surprised didn’t have that on the book’s page like it usually does when the book isn’t free.

Day 1 author rank.
Day 1 author rank.

So I logged into Author Central to see the author rankings. And the ranks were good. Day 1 of the promo, I was ranked as author #2, 821 which may sound low, but better than #2,000,000 like I am usually, (There are TONS of eBooks on Amazon.) but was a personal best.

But the next day, my success with free didn’t affect my paid rank at all. As I stare at the Amazon page, I’m ranked at #1,066,031 on the paid bestsellers rank.

free author rank_Feb_19th
Day 2 rank.

I’m not Stephen King folks. And I’m not trying to be. Being ranked #1,066,031 might be something that would make someone give up, I won’t. It just means I need to keep writing. (And I’ll put the eBook back on Smashwords and other sites when Amazon’s exclusivity is over.)

High or low on the rankings. Downloads or no downloads.



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