BOTB Update and an Announcement 3/15/14

Well, the proofreading for Blade Of the Broken is going good. I’m pretty close to finishing this round (The next round will be when I order a print proof.). Got like four chapters left, but I’m taking my time. The backspace button has almost disappeared.

Also, in other news, I have a cover artist for the book! 🙂 Her name is Rene Folsom, and you can see some AMAZING covers of other books she’s done here. I’m on the schedule in a few weeks, so it’ll be awhile before I have anything to show you guys!… Pretty stoked! 🙂

Have a safe, and blessed St. Patrick’s Day!

And lastly, I wanted to announce that Demon Stone: A Dagr Brightsword is FREE on St. Patrick’s Day, and Tuesday-Wednesday, on And the short ebook works on the Kindle Apps for Phones, Tablets, Computers, and on Kindles. And I think after this month or next, I’ll be able to put it back on Smashwords, B&N, iTunes, etc.



Jake Scholl is a Fantasy Writer and blogger residing in Boise, ID. Jake is a big fan of books, comics, heavy metal, movies, and video games. You can buy his novel "Blade of the Broken" wherever ebooks are sold. He is also a member of The Dragon Writers' Collective:

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