Never Alone…

This post has been blank ever since I typed in the title. Mainly because the subject matter unexpectedly hit close to home.

There’s a horrible epidemic in this country. And its a dark thought that wells to the surface of our consciousness multiple times in someone’s life… Suicide.

You see it on the news practically every day. Mostly when a celebrity does it is when it gets the most attention.

The week Robin Williams killed himself, I felt empathy for his family. But when its someone you’ve never known, it never becomes something more than empathy. And it doesn’t make you cry… So I decided to write my thoughts on this rather horrible phenomenon.

A week after, I got a phone call. A close friend was in tears, and said a friend from our childhood committed suicide.

I was silent. The news hit me hard. I was shocked. I was angry. I was heartbroken.. I couldn’t imagine how his family was feeling. It would be wrong for me to even guess.

His life from the outside was perfect. He was married to the love of his life, and had a beautiful daughter. And he was a good father… None of us knew why a blessed man would do this to himself. To his family.

I was also reminded of my own battles… Thus, this article became personal.

I have depression. And at my very worst, I thought about just ending it all. I told friends and family, and a psychologist. The problem was I wasn’t looking at the blessings in my life. Or reminding myself of family.

I also wasn’t looking to the future. My life is far from over, and no one is qualified to end someone’s life: including their own… I could fall in love. I could travel the world. Anything can happen. And just because I’m having a bad day is life. Life always gets better.

The biggest thing I was reminded of was that I’m never alone. It may be hard to speak about problems, but when I do life is less of a burden. You’d be surprised at how many people have felt the same way you do, and can give great advice.

Don’t end everything all over feeling down. No one is truly alone, and don’t feel like no one understands you: most people have been where you are.

Never let fear get in the way.




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