Blade Of the Broken… Up for pre-order! (And ARC info.)

BladeOfTheBroken-ebook-webAfter months of work and toil, I am pleased to announce that my debut novel, Blade Of the Broken Book I of The Runeblade Trilogy, is up for pre-order on the Amazon Kindle Store and Smashwords! (For $4.99) The eBook will hit the internet on November 13th, 2014, and the paperback version will follow soon after. (You can currently read the first %40 of the novel on Smashwords.)

Here is the synopsis:

Thirteen years ago, the lands of Kronea were embroiled in war.

The Sorcerer King, Warrick Volung, killed thousands of innocent men and elves with his sorcery, and the powerful Runeblade, forged by the God of Light Tuireann himself… When it was created, the blade was a weapon of good. But it was warped by Warrick’s evil soul, and his worship of his God: the Arch-Demon Morak.

The people of the lands, the last of the Elves, the Mages & Paladins of Seran Drakis, and the Rangers Guild united to stop the King. They defeated his army, and took the Runeblade, and broke it in two.  Warrick was forced to retreat to his homeland, and has hid there ever since.

Now Kronea is relatively peaceful. Even with peace, there are still monsters in the shadows: human and humanoid alike. To keep order, the Rangers Guild seek them out, and deal with them accordingly.

Stefan Rickardson is one of the best Rangers. He always gets the mission done, no matter the cost. When he’s sent on a quest to stop yet another person, he thinks it’s the same as every other mission… But the further he goes on the hunt, the more Stefan starts to question his orders. Especially when the person he’s after isn’t evil.

Meanwhile, a greater evil is stirring up again, and will push Stefan to his emotional and psychological limits… And it will break him, and everyone around him.

Wills will be tested… And blood will be spilled.


I’m also giving away free review copies! Here’s what that’s all about:

Interested in reading and giving a review of Blade Of the Broken before anyone else does? Here’s how you can apply:

Send an email to me at with the words “BOTB Review Request” in the subject line. Give a short intro of who you are, and where I should send the reviewer’s packet to. (The folder will include a .mobi file for Kindle and/or various Kindle Apps, a .pdf file, an .epub for Nook, Sony and Kobo ereaders/apps, and an .html for reading in any web browser. And some cover files.)

Before you send an email, here are the rules.

1)   Only apply if you can start and finish the novel. If you can’t finish, your request to review an ARC in the future for other books will be ignored.

2)   Must be unbiased & honest. As a writing professional, I need to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. That is the only way I can become a better writer. Don’t worry about my feelings.

3)   Finish in a timely manner. I think you should definitely take your time. But, it would be preferable if you think you can finish reading in 2 weeks, and take at least a week after to write a review. If you need more time, please let me know.

4)   Must write a review. Every review helps, even if you didn’t like the book. Opinion will help me improve my writing. And it will help readers decide whether or not to purchase by every review. Post on Amazon, your blog, Goodreads, your website, EVERYWHERE. (At the very least Amazon.

5)   No sharing.  The ARC is only for you, and you alone. No distributing to anyone else.

6)   If you happen across a typo or misspelling tell me what chapter and paragraph it’s in. Even the most experienced editor an author can hire misses things.

Thanks for your time!

— Jake


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