Why I blog…

Lately , I haven’t been blogging much here. I’ve been busy with my novel. (Mainly trying to find reviewers, promoting and throwing around ideas for book two.) Right now I’m working on a comics script, and I’m trying to think of how I want the final page to look in my mind… Besides that, it feels like I’m swimming through a vat of corn syrup that is life.

I think I’d forgotten how much better I felt when blogging. Not just posting about where to buy my book, etcetera , etcetera. The reason I blog is to tell about the truth I’ve found in life and writing. And to give a glimpse in my view of life from a wheelchair.

Not to garner pity, but rather understanding that even though I sit all day, I have the same wants, needs and dreams as any other man. This blog is a safe place to express my feelings.

What better reasons to get back into blogging than these?

If you’ve noticed, I been doing some minor house cleaning in this space. If you have any thoughts, opinions, or concerns about my coding let me know.



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