Best 6 months of my life…

Six months ago, I did something extremely scary: I published my first book.

I remember filling out the information area on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing website, typing in the synopsis, title, price, and all the pertinent info, obsessing over every detail, beads of sweat dripping down my face.

One thing they don’t tell you about self-publishing is how much money it takes to publish a quality book. There are many variables, like how much editing do I need?  Who should edit it, and who is most qualified? Should I design the inside myself, or spend extra on an interior designer? Should I just use Amazon, or should I use Smashwords too? The list goes on.

I ended up spending about five hundred for it all, using money I’d been saving over the years. The money I thought I’d put towards taking more creative writing courses… But instead decided I didn’t need those classes, and could just start writing novels.

In essence, I was gambling, putting my hard earned savings into somthing I most probably wouldn’t make the money back on.

(Case in point, I still haven’t made my one hundred dollars back on the short story Demon Stone. I learned the hard way that no matter how low you price something, it doesn’t mean you’ll sell anything. Thus, you won’t be seeing a sequel to that, unless its a sequel in novel or comic form.)

Then, I remembered something I’d been told ever since I was a kid: Put yourself out there. Unless you try, you never will live up to your potential. And that money isn’t everything.

So, I swallowed back my bile, and clicked publish… Now I was a published novelist like my heroes before me.

Six months later, I’m already hard at work on the next book. (A sequel, and Book II in The Runeblade Trilogy.) I’m 5,000 words in, and I’m currently calling it Wrath of the Shadow King. (A title that most likely will change more than once.)

It’ll answer many questions some of you have been asking, like “Where is Stefan?” and “Who took him?”. Also, there will be a new enemy emerging, and some unexpected turmoil at Seran Drakis among the Mage and Paladin factions… It’ll be fun. I won’t spoil anything: you’ll have to wait. 🙂

I’ll be sure to post on this blog as much as possible, but it won’t be too often. Novel writing will be the priority. (Plus, I really want to get my rough draft done ASAP.)

Lastly, as a thank you to the kind readers and writers of Fantasy, Blade of the Broken is on SALE for $2.99! Its marked down on all the popular eBook websites, including Amazon, Nook, Kobo and Smashwords! (Promo ends June 3rd,2015.) Be sure to spread the word! And thank you for being supportive.


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