About every week online, on various author pages and blogs, I see fans of authors like George R.R Martin getting badgered by their fans to hurry up and write faster. I remember being a whiny fan once. But that was before I published anything.

When I sped through the first draft of Blade of the Broken, I had written some truly horrible paragraphs and sentences. Not to mention all the misspelled words. Before writing the first draft, I naively thought my book would be out in a year… After that draft though, I knew more work needed done.

It would take more time.

When it comes to art, you should never rush. If you do, the work will be sloppy and everyone will hate it. Yes rushing is easier, but to make something good take your time. And don’t give into the hordes screaming for more right this minute.

Afterall, art is the thing that keeps the creator from going mad.



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