Boise Library Comic Con 2017- Final Details

Poster by Farel Dalrymple (Pop Gun War. The Wrenchies.)

When: Saturday-Sunday, August 26th-27th. I will be there around Noon (The library will be open from 10am-5pm both days.) on the 26th, and be at the Mystery House Comics table from 12:30-2:30 signing and selling copies of 6×6: Fortune(You’ll still be able to buy Blade of the Broken and/or Tarzan & the Comics of Idaho #2 from 2015. Mystery House Comics will be selling Fortune exclusively at the Con.) On the 27th I’ll be at my table the entire day. I’ll be there on the 27th at 12-1ish to 5pm.

Where: I’ll be in the Artist’s Alley located at the Idaho Linen Supply warehouse on 508 S. 8th Street Boise, ID 83702.  There will quite a few other events around the Boise Library (On 715 S Capitol Blvd, Boise, ID 83702.) The full event schedule will be at this link:

Price of Admission: The events are FREE to the entire community. 😀 You can RSVP on Facebook if you want here but that’s not required.

Map of the Comic Con.

Book & Comic Prices: 6×6 Fortune will be selling for $5.00 at the Mystery House Comics & 6×6 table. Meanwhile at my table, Blade of the Broken will be selling for $11.65 and Tarzan & the Comics #2 will be selling for $3.18. (Retail Blade is $10.99 and Tarzan is normally $3.00. This year I’m required to charge 6% sales tax. ) I will be accepting cash only.

What else should I do?: For one thing, remember to have fun! There will be Cosplay Contests, Panels, Gaming, Food Trucks (My favorite part!) and local craft beer companies.

See you at the Convention ! 🙂



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