My Comics Adventure with 6×6

When people think of Idaho they mainly think of potatoes, mountains, lush forests, and you know… potatoes.  But there’s one thing Idaho has that most people don’t have a clue about: Idaho has comic book creators.

The folks over at the Idaho based publisher, Mystery House Comics, has steadily been putting out quality comics since 2013, like the pulpy mystery series Shivertown written by Jon Keithley and penciled by Shanae LaVelle (The owners of Mystery House Comics.), and a Post-Apocalyptic retelling of The Pilgrim’s Progress called Kingdom of Freedom, written and penciled by Joseph Bradshaw.

They also run an anthology series called 6×6. The mission: To publish stories written and penciled by six writers and six artists adhering to a different theme each year. (This year is Fortune.)

I’d been following the anthology ever since the first issue. Every story was amazing, and it made me want to send a submission the next year. But then that year passed. And the next. Then, when it was announced that the next theme would be Fortune, I knew right away I could write something about that.

I wrote as quickly as I could, and submitted the story at the last possible moment. Waiting to hear back from the editor, as always, was the worst part. I kept telling myself they would say no to my script, so I wouldn’t be shocked by a no. (I can’t count how many times magazines said no to something I wrote. Never expect a yes automatically from a publisher. If you expect one, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.)

Then a few weeks later I get a response. Fearing rejection, I closed my eyes, held my breath a clicked the email… They said yes. And soon I was paired with artist Arik Grant. (Creator of the Military web comic Bohica Blues )

Yes, I had written a comic previously, however I never actually got to meet with the artist or editor in person, but rather by email. That’s what truly makes 6×6 more than a comic, but rather a team experience. We’d meet about every other week at a local restaurant, sharing scripts and quick sketches, combining ideas to create something unique and most of all fun to read.

It was also nice to network with other folks who write, read comics, and/or draw. And in the end, I think I made some long term friends with my colleagues and the editors.

It will be an unforgettable memory… Though it’s not quite over yet.

The cost of printing comics adds up, as do paying for the space we’ll be using to officially launch the book. (You’ll be able to buy a copy before the official launch at the Boise Library Comic Con also.) Thus, that is why the publisher, Mystery House Comics, set up an IndieGoGo to raise the funds.

And if you contribute, you’ll get a copy of the book! Just like a pre-order. There’s also perks if you donate more, including art and getting a signed copy of my novel Blade of the Broken!

Here’s the link to the fundraising page:×6-fortune-2017-local#/ and be sure to spread the word, and help cultivate the Idaho comics’ scene.



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About every week online, on various author pages and blogs, I see fans of authors like George R.R Martin getting badgered by their fans to hurry up and write faster. I remember being a whiny fan once. But that was before I published anything.

When I sped through the first draft of Blade of the Broken, I had written some truly horrible paragraphs and sentences. Not to mention all the misspelled words. Before writing the first draft, I naively thought my book would be out in a year… After that draft though, I knew more work needed done.

It would take more time.

When it comes to art, you should never rush. If you do, the work will be sloppy and everyone will hate it. Yes rushing is easier, but to make something good take your time. And don’t give into the hordes screaming for more right this minute.

Afterall, art is the thing that keeps the creator from going mad.


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NaNoWriMo is coming !

PrintHear that ? No more kids screaming outside… You may also notice the weather is getting colder, and the leaves changing color.

This only means one thing: National Novel Writing Month is coming! 😀

Back in 2011, I wrote the first draft for Blade of the Broken. It was absolute chaos, but it worked… Now, since the book is published, its time to work on the sequel ! (Currently calling it Wrath of the Shadow King. Title may change. Always does during the first draft.)

Also, I wanted to encourage you to join up in this monumental task… Who knows? You might have a great book inside you!

P.S Feel free to kick my ass if I try to skip out. 😉

And if your participating my username is Jake S. ! .

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