Blade of the Broken: Book I of The Runeblade Trilogy

BladeOfTheBroken-ebook-webBlade Of The Broken: Book I Of the Runeblade Trilogy

If you want justice …

Sometimes you need a killer.

As one of the greatest hunters of the Ranger’s Guild, Stefan Rickardson has always finished the job…no matter the cost. And when he’s sent on a major quest to take down a bringer of Chaos, he thinks it’ll be just another mission. Yet, as events unfold, Stefan begins to question his orders when his target turns out to be someone very different from who he thought they’d be.

As a great evil begins to stir in the sweeping land of Kronea, Stefan will be driven to his breaking point in a grueling test of his emotional and psychological limits, and those of everyone around him.

His willpower will be tested …

And their blood will be spilled.

In Blade of the Broken: Book One of the Runeblade Trilogy

Praise for Blade of the Broken

“Fast-paced and plenty of action.” — Jack McCarthy Author of Onin

“…You’ll be hooked.”– M.R Mathias Amazon Bestselling Author of The Wardstone Trilogy and The Legend of Vanx Malic

“Scholl’s writing strikes a nice balance between elevated diction and a laconic style that suits the story well. He employs familiar sword and sorcery tropes, but also introduces original and unique ideas into the story to give the genre a breath of fresh air.” — Al Asker editor and publisher at Idaho Comics Group

“…he [Scholl] has a knack for storytelling. Even if you are not a fan of the sci-fi-/fantasy genre, I would recommend purchasing this book to see what it is all about. You will not be disappointed.” —Amazon Customer Review

“There is no waiting to embark on a journey in this book…the length and fast pace of this novel makes it easily relatable to readers of all genres. The world he [Scholl] has built for his characters is easy to get lost in; Blade of the Broken would be a great novel for those new to fantasy.” — Pour-Over Parchment Reviews


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